Cloud connected i-c4c

The i-c4c Cloud Connect enables the user to perform optimally and enhance safety. Your i-c4c will connect to our cloud interface, where a wealth of data and information will be available to you.

Accessing your data is as simple as logging in to a website, which can be done using a laptop, tablet or smartphone. The easy interface will help technicians in optimizing the load, engineers in spotting potential problems and managers in planning.

Example of history page on our cloud dashboard

Example of history page on our cloud dashboard

By selecting a specific crane you can see the historical data such as the number of motions, timers, overload events, load spectrum, SWP, number of jogging, drive faults, ...

When pushing the 'live' button, you will have a live connection to the crane allowing you to see motions, load, drive status, motor current, temperature, vibrations, overload or slack rope status, ...

The platform continuously monitors critical parameters and will send you an email or message if a parameter exceeds a preset value.