Load limiter for hoisting equipment

incosa solutions offers a wide range of solutions for the overload detection on cranes.

For basic applications at which accuracy and repeatability are not important issues, incosa solutions has a  low cost electromechanical load limiter type LIM.

For applications at which also one overload setpoint is enough, but in cases the operator needs more comfort, Incosa offers the Indiload Mark E with load cell on cable or load pin. The extra comfort is given by a delay for the overload setpoint and a hysteresis function to avoid the possibility of lifting an overload due to the dynamic effects of the crane.

But the big strength of Incosa lies in the solutions offered by the new  i-c4c system for extended overload devices with the following functions : multiple setpoints, slack rope detection, summing of hoists loads, summing of crane loads (in tandem operations), multiple load cells on one electronic device, ...

First of all there exist a lot of standard solutions and on the other hand the system offers the possibility to make custom made solutions. By integrating the latest technologies (CAN-bus, wireless communication, USB interface, GSM option, ...)  incosa soltuions is a real market innovator in the segment of overload devices for hoisting equipment.