Load cells for hoisting applications

incosa solutions offers a full range of CE approved load cells for hoisting equipment. Their breaking load is five times larger than the nominal load. All types are available with standard mV output, amplified 4-20 mA output or CAN-open connection.

The load cells on cable are very easy to install near the fixed point of the hoist with no extra mechanical modifications. These load cells can be used for capacities from 500 kg till 20.000 kg and are deliverable from stock, with the clamps available for a big range of cable diameters.
To define the right model we need to know the capacity per fall and the cable diameter.

Traction load cells can also be mounted with shackles in the fixed point of the hoist. The signal is independent of the cable, so cable changes have no influence on the signal. The capacities go from 500 kg to 15.000 kg.

Incosa solutions has a lot of experience in manufacturing custom made load pins for load limiting and load indication on hoisting equipment. These high precision load pins can be mounted in the fixed point or the return pulley without any loss of height. Capacity, diameter and length are necessary parameters to quote the load pins (see order form). Our delivery time is very short for custom made pins.