Black box system for cranes

The indiload datacard is an independent data recording card which allows the user to store the most important crane data without the need for a permanent link with a fixed computer.
The datacard has a memory (non-volatile RAM) supported by a lithium battery (with a minimum service life of 5 years) and stores the following data :
- number of overloads
- number and duration of lifting and lowering movements
- number and duration of cross and long travels
- number of "tippings" in the above functions
- total hours counter
- load spectrum according to the loads lifted
- SWP (safe working period) calculation of the hoist

The data are tapped using a PC through an RS232 output assembled on the card.
The storage capacity (memory) of the card is at least 1 year (using the lifting equipment at a rate of 8 hours/day).

The datacard is supplied as an independent "box" in a metal housing to be used with load limiters fitted with a 0-10 Vdc analogue output.

A Comcable and CD-rom are supplied with every datacard containing the software for the initialisation of the datacard and for downloading and visualisation of the stored data.
This powerful and user-friendly program operates under Windows and displays the stored data in tables and graphs. It allows the user to schedule maintenance work, to locate unproductive hours and to determine the "safe working period" (SWP).