Wireless communication for crane applications

In certain applications on cranes it is necessary to communicate (safety)signals between cranes. For example on cranes working in tandem it is very useful to transmit one or more digital signals (limit switches, ...) from one crane to the other.

incosa solutions has a few ready made solutions to do this wireless :

1. In the wireless concept just a few digital signals are transmitted by radio. Respectively 4, 8, 12, 16 or more contacts are transmitted one to one from one crane to the other. In this case the logical treatment of the signals has to be carried out by the installer by doing modifications in the electric boxes of the cranes.

2. In the basic concept also a software interface for standard applications with tandem cranes is integrated next to the wireless concept, which allows the installer to mount the data transmission system without any modifications in the electric boxes of the cranes. In this basic concept the limit switches of the crane travelling are secured together with the anti-collision systems and the lifting movement, taking into account the crane selection (tandem or not).

3. The extended concept is the same as the basic concept, but in this case also the limit switches for lowering and hoist travelling are integrated.

Of course these transmission system scan also be used for the wireless transmission of digital contacts in other industrial applications.