Overload and pre-warning on a crane with 1 hoist

For this application on a crane with 1 hoist 3200 kg (2/1) the customer needed an electronic overload device and a pre-warning at nominal load. Furthermore he wanted an extra output relay with each setpoint to connect a lamp without using an extra interface relay.

Components :
- 1 x LMD 3500kg + clamp 13-14 mm : load cell on cable with CAN converter
- 1 x i-C4C master
- 1 x supply module MDR 110-230 Vac/12 Vdc

The system was pre-calibrated by incosa solutions at 3200kg for the pre-warning and 3520 kg for the overload.

The installation, being :
- putting the load cell on the cable
- integrating the i-C4C and MDR module on DIN rail in the electric box
- installing two lamps on the crane
- making the connections to the i-C4C (load cell, supply, lamps and overload 
- testing the whole system without the use of test weights

was made in 1 hour !