Overload and slack rope with 2 hoists

The configuration for the overload detection of a crane with 2 hoists  consists of one MASTER module with DCAN load cell on HOIST 1 and a SLAVE module with DCAN load cell on HOIST 2.
The i-C4C modules are connected through CAN bus ; so, only a 2 wire system between the hoists which is interference free.

 The following overload situations are detected :

  • overload HOIST 1
  • overload HOIST 2
  • overload CRANE (summated load)

and just one output on each hoist has to be wired.

The load cells can be rope clamp types, load pins or traction load cells with integrated CAN converter.
The system is delivered pre-calibrated and load indication through the analogue outputs is a standard option. Modification of setpoints is easy to do through the integrated keypad on the master module.