New features

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Cloud Connected i-c4c


Users see a dashboard that presents a wealth of information, including data that can be used to predict potential problems and resolve them at an early stage.

With your login, you can access the i-c4c platform and at the homepage, you will have an overview of all your cranes connected to the cloud.


Load pin with integrated CAN converter

Load Pin CAN.JPG

Thanks to the new compact hardware, the current CAN converter is built into your customized load pin. Which makes it even more reliable and easy to install.





Wi-Fi Platform 

Thanks to Wi-Fi connectivity, engineers can easily set up and service cranes through their smartphone, tablet or laptop without going up to the crane.

Wi-Fi displays are linked without having to cable through the festoon. Logging files can be downloaded without stopping the crane.


Data logging 

The latest update allows the i-c4c to store operational data. Thereby, movements and other functions of a machine, like a crane, can be saved.


  • number of hoist movements
  • distribution of the loads

The i-c4c can also register events in order to keep track of important occurrences like overload situations. With this information, you are able to monitor when and how often an essential event has occurred. With the GSM option, a message related to the defined event can be sent to an assigned mobile phone to warn the concerned person.